Friday, December 31, 2004


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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Omfg! I just did some captions!xD

Mood Crazy. and i mean it
Music Gundam Seed - Ima Kono Shunkan Ga Subete

Omg! I discovered some nice DRUGGIES and other icons from yzak's livejournal ;)

Dearka(the yellow hair sexy dude) : Damn! I look good!
Yzak(the Silver hair dude): Heh!

Okay, but omg, they look so cool!!! I wish they didn't die.. it's very sad. They are good pilots after all. My heart sank so hard when they(especially orga) died.
Extracted from sutoraiku forum: Druggies are Humans too!! far what I've seen in all this is that a lot of people on here don't like the druggies. And that's fine. I'm willing to waver your opinion if you waver mine. Anyway! I happen to be the Druggie counterpart to all the ZAFT obssessors on this site. Whether I'm the only one or not makes no difference to me.

Anyway! I just don't see a reason why people hate them as much as they do x.x It wasn't their choice to fight in the war, it wasn't their choice to be on those drugs, and so on and so forth. Also, not much is known about them save for they came from off of death row. Like I said...I personally love them to pieces. They're bright, their colorful (in more ways than just personality xD I mean come on....who else takes a perfectly good EA jacket and rips the sleeves off or cuts off the sleeves and bottom half or purposely wears one that's two sizes too big? Plus...they're the only ones in the whole series that wear a nonuniform under shirt! Red, Orange and Maroon!!!!!!) and they make some of the most ammusing comments in the series as well as pissed off faces. I mean come on...

Crot: You can't just jump on top of me!
Orga: Shut up and move your ass!

I don't think you can get more womanish than Shani either xD I don't even think Yzak could be that eyemask of his.

I felt really bad for them in the end. I think they copped out on them and they deserved a more fighting chance. Someone brought up to me that they were around as long as the Astray girls, but look at technically how many of them there were? There were only three and they made it through a good deal of the most rough battles only to be sent out of the picture with a terrible "OMG HI! BYE!" thing.

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one out there who likes these guys and think that they rock!

So happy that I will burst!

Mood Happy/Angry
Music Naruto - Go!!

Omg, die you suckers that hacked Serena'a Account!!! >(!!
On the other hand, I also received an email that said this:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking your time to inform us.
We'd like you to know that we have received
authorization now and your order has been
processed accordingly.

You can check your order status by signing in
from "Customer Account" on our website.

Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.
Have a nice day!
Omfg!! They finally managed to process my order!!! My Gundam Seed Destiny 2005 Calender!! Omfg!!! I can't wait!!!! I love the druggies!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!!!
Damn you Min hua!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!
*hugs dearka*

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm so very "Sorry"

Mood Evil-lish >D
Gundam Seed - Mizu No Akashi

I'm so sorry Min Hua, no matter how much you claim to love Athrun and dislike it when Cagalli is around him, you can't deny the fact that they are in love with each other. No one can break that bond ;) I have a screenshot of them together. It was taken from a special episode. Don't get oo jealous, I put in some words and phrases from previous episodes to make you understand that they are only anime characters. Don't get too obsessed :D

There you go! :)
Anyway, I've got to admit this, I like Athrun too, but to be honest, I like his gundam more than I like him. I also prefer this couple pairing: CagallixAthrun than MinHuaxAthrun. EW!
Dearka is like so much cuter than Athrun! :D
Happy looking at the picture! And... don't scratch you
r computer screen ;)

Horays!Gundam Seed Destiny Layout

Mood Bored
Music Gundam Seed Destiny - Reason

I changed the layout... finally. It looks boring but i actually spent 4 hours on it. I just did some quizzes related to Gundam Seed. The results are below. Check them out.


i hate you guys

Mood Sucky
Music Nothingness

lucky you! Kira is your best match!!
Kira is your man!

Which Gundam Seed guy is your best match?
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Oh noes! I wanted to get my dearest Dearka Elthman!!
But oh well, kira is cute and is the main character after all xDDD!!!!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Beyond Pissed off!!

Mood Pissed off
Music Utada Hikaru - Can you keep a secret

Omg, I'm pissed like hell now, don't ask me why, I'm just pissed off. Because everything that I see, touch and feel is pissing me off and I have no idea why. People who are signing into msn are pissing me off. They sign and out constantly and it is highly irritating. Then there are those people that log into msn and put their nickname as "Leave me alone" and continue to chat with people happily. What's their problem anyway? I mean, if you want to be left alone, why sign in when you know some idiotic people will surely still chat with you no matter what your status is. If you put you are away(and you really are), you think they care? They just spam the chatbox until you return and type "what the hell is your problem?" Then they like go "Where the heck have you been? I've been typing for like forever and you didn't even reply?!" Then I'll get really really pissed off and type "WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM? I PUT ON MY NICK NAME AND STAUTUS THING THAT I AM AWAY. SHUT UP AND GET AWAY FROM ME!" then they go off complaining about my rudeness(don't think I don't know, I know who you are, busters!) and stuffs. I am like "it's your fault that YOU ARE BLIND AND CAN'T SEE. WANNA JOIN THE INSTITUTE FOR THE BLIND? IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT YOU DIDN'T SEE THE GREEN MAN WITH THE BUSY SIGN ON IT!?" Geez, people got no sense of humour.

Then, we have my dearest mummy who blames me for everything that she does wrongly. She blames me when she spills her tea on the floor because "I didn't mop the floor carefully" then, she blames me when the water splashedon her shirt when she turned the tap because "I accidentely pushed her" Geez, Luckily, I'm more patient offline, which means I can put up with her constant nagging and pushing of blames. DIE YOU BUSTERS AND B1TCH3S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUFFER IN H3LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY YOU ROT IN THERE FOREVVER!!!!!

Okay, I feel so much better after typing down what I've been thinking for the past 1 hour.